Dr Espen’s passionate desire for understanding ‘how to get well and stay well’ was sparked after he himself came close to death after a horrific motorcycle accident, followed by an hospital infection that nearly cost him both his legs.

Dr Espen has been studying human wellness for over a decade. He has a Diploma of Physical Education, a Bachelor of Applied Science as well as a Master in Clinical Chiropractic studied at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Having personally experienced the amazing healing benefits of Corrective Care Chiropractic combined with Hot Yoga, Dr. Espen became one of the original founders of the Bonfire Health Group.

As a Yoga practitioner, Chiropractor and International speaker, Dr Espen aka “Dr Norway” continues to apply his expertise at the highest level. Specializing in human behaviour, preventative care, nutrition and how to optimize the human health potential, Dr. Espen produces life-changing, sustainable health outcomes for the whole family. Dr Espen’s mission is to help families fulfill their optimal health potential and to raise the next generation, drug free.

Dr Espen lives the lifestyle he teaches as you can see:

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